Seven Years of Doomsday

I wanted to provide a long-due post. We’re doing awesome lately, finishing heroic Tomb of Sargeras with a Kil’jaeden kill, and have also gone back to clear the rest of Mythic Emerald Nightmare.

It’s hard to believe that 7 years ago as of today, that we found ourselves together formally as a guild. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing quite a few (and plenty of the same) faces over the years. We’ve worked really hard together in game to meet our common goals, spent plenty of hours raiding alongside each other, and have proven victorious in all those areas. While the game has changed in a lot of ways, our camaraderie has been truly genuine and constant throughout. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting a few of you and am happy to call you all my friends. We have a really great sense of community together which is a great asset in conjunction with our eclectic set of gaming preferences.

I look forward to many more years to come in being a part of this community, whatever the future holds. While Warcraft may not last forever, I have no doubt that these bonds will.

All the best,